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Staff are Volunteers

Pauline Garcia - Founder/Executive Director. Instructor. Pauline is a Certified Instructor with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH INTL) She has 3 years of teaching experience using the PATH standards for Safety and Service. She continues her education in both horsemanship and therapeutic riding training to help her students reach their potential. 

Volunteer Coordinator - position available

 This is a very important position in our program. We are 100% volunteer run. No one is on a salary here. So that means we depend so much on volunteers to donate their time during riding class. Our riders require horse handlers and side-walkers for their safety. Volunteer coordinator is constantly in contact with our volunteers keeping them up to date and lining up volunteers for each class. 

Charla Garcia - Secretary - Charla takes on a big part of our program. Keeping up with the paperwork and helping with fundraising is never an easy task for a nonprofit organization. She also volunteers with the riding classes and a side walker on a regular bases.

Cordell Kalmring Co-Founder/Barn Manager - Cordell has spent 24 years of his life working with horses. Cordell hand picks the horses we use in our center by putting them through a very strict training program. It is very important to us that this to be as much fun for our horses as it is for the riders.

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