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Team Biographies

Our Four legged team members take great pleasure in spending time with our riders. Each of them have their own story about their past and how they joined our center.



After spending his first years working on a ranch in the snow, he now enjoys the warm summers running with his buddies. He has great patience with the children.



The magical but mighty Inky spends most of his time pulling tricks on the staff. His loves when the children brush him. You see he is just the right size for the children to reach all of him.



Prince came to us from a very loving nurturing home. He has had a great life but it was time for him to move on. He has had to do some adjusting to us but he so loves the children and as you can see he loves attention and will take it every chance he can.



This big boy has a heart of gold. Super sweet and always taking in the underdogs in the pasture and taking care of them. Poncho is like the big brother. he is so patient with the children and sometimes they call him Eeyore because he is so laid back. But there is a side of him the riders never see, put him in a roping box and turn a steer loose and he is a totally different horse. He knows his job and does it well. The kids just love him to the moon and back.

Sugar Sunflower

This little girl is so full of personality that the children have given her two names. Sweet as sugar but as bright as a sunflower she wins the heart of the children and volunteers alike. In the arena she follows direction but at times will stand her ground about moving. The riders can get to stop thinking about food and get back to work.with just a firm word. Great way to teach our riders some leadership skills.


Socks is a big boy with an amazing personality. He was injured and can no longer run hard or carry heavy riders. So he loves working with the children. As you can see from the photo he loves to show off that proud build he has.

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