Dream Walkers Equine Therapy - Providing Therapy Through Horses

How can you help?
As a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation there are many tasks that must be addressed, such as purchasing of medical and riding equipment for the clients, feeding and caring for the horses and general   maintenance around the facility.
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Top Donor to Date
Cecil Atkisson Motors
Diamond Level

Diamond Donation of $5000.00"When the products are similar, it is the dealer that makes the difference" 

Silver Level Members
Ace Bail Bonds Company
Elspeth Teed
Donation from Ace Bail Bonds in Uvalde TX. On Friday, October 17, 2014 I had the privilege and honor to become a donor for the Dream Walker Equine Therapy  in Uvalde.  Ace Bail Bond Company and myself personally have made a commitment to donate monthly to this group.  They work with children with disabilities and though many may see it as just learning to ride horses, I see it as helping the children interconnect, when many cannot do so; strengthen their muscles, learn to pay attention to instructions and form a loving bond with a large animal that is one of the gentlest on this great earth.    

 Both Ace Bail Bond and myself have committed to donating 100.00 each month .  This breaks down to only 25.00 a week.  I feel that many people and companies could donate this amount and not miss it in the long run.  Come on people..25.00 a week…not a lot and consider what great accomplishments it may achieve.  I personally challenge all companies and managers in Uvalde County to match our commitment and donation to help this wonderful non profit group keep active…..and remember, you will get a tax deduction at the end of the year.  It is a win win situation.      
                                                                                                                                          Elspeth Teed.

           Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc. 
                     Operation Round Up
                            Bronze Level

Donation from Medina Electric Cooperative Round up Project

Medina Electric Cooperative, Inc.                      Operation Round Up
in February 2015 gave $1000.00 to sponsor a child for one year of riding.

Sponsor a Horse
The cost for the feed, bedding, foot care and Veterinarian expenses for each horse is approximately:
6 months - $1,500
12 months - $3,000

Thank you for the ride my friend

Sponsor a Child
It is our ambition to be able to subsidize lessons for the children so that no child will be turned away because of financial challenges.
Lessons Fees:
  • Initial Assessment: $50
  • Individual Lesson: $30
  • 12 riding lessons(minimum recommended enrollment): $350
  • 1 year all-inclusive: $1,000

                                    Levels of Contributions and Sponsor Recognition
                                                                Diamond Level  $5,000  
Your name and/or company logo will be recognized throughout the year on our website (Plus the Gold  Level)
                                                                   Gold  Level  $3,000 
Your company logo displayed  at all fundraisers, promotional events and at the center.  (Plus the Silver Level)
                                                                    Silver Level $1,500 
 Your logo will be recognized in our quarterly newsletter throughout the year. (Plus the Bronze Level)
                                                                    Bronze Level $1000
Your name will be recognized in our quarterly newsletter. (Plus the Copper Level)

                                                                     Copper Level $200 
Your name placed on the annual sponsor banner displayed at the center for all to see. 
All donations accepted and appreciated
We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. 
Donations are tax deductible.

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